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Tanki Leendert
For Sale - Tanki Leendert    US$ 189,887.00 ( Sold )
Apartment Complex
6 1-bedroom Apartments

For Sale - Tanki Leendert    US$ 185,393.00 ( Unsold/Available )
 2    3  
Two storey house in a quiet area
Nicely built two storey house with an one-bedroom apartment

For Sale - Tanki Leendert    US$ 275,280.00 ( Unsold/Available )
 2    3  
Nice two storey family house with two apartments
This well maintained two storey family house including two apartments is situated in a quiet area, close to downtown.

For Sale - Tanki Leendert    US$ 362,359.00 ( Unsold/Available )
 2.5    4  
Spacious family house in the nature
This property situated in a quiet area country side comes with an additional lot of land for agricultural a/o horticulture purposes.

For Sale - Tanki Leendert    US$ 49,719.00 ( Sold )
Spacious lot of land in a quiet area
This spacious lot of land is ideally situated close to down town.

For Sale - Tanki Leendert    US$ 37,640.00 ( Unsold/Available )
Lot of property land in a residential development.
Property land in an area in development with many new houses already build.

For Sale - Tanki Leendert    US$ 167,977.00 ( Unsold/Available )
 2    3  
Well maintained family house with a tropical garden.
This nice and well maintained house is centrally situated in a quiet neighborhood and close to the hotels and beaches.

For Sale - Tanki Leendert    US$ 329,000.00 ( Unsold/Available )
 2    3  
Brand new property located in the new housing complex of Modanza Homes & Gardens.
Recently finished family house with a beautiful tropical garden and pool.

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